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The City of Memphis has made available to the public through YouTube Channel workout videos for people of all ages to join.

If you are ready to start your for DIABETES PREVENTION journey this is the place where you will find not only healthy recipes also an all-around support program that integrates yoga, meditation, and emotional support.

I decided to start this blog at the beginning of the quarantine with the intention of sharing experience as I stopped eating meat.

Soon after the quarantine and my journey started I notice in the international news how the people dying from Covid19 had diabetes, lung-related health issues.

I called my friend Carolina, she is a psychologist in México and she explained to me that in 5 years it is projected that half of the population in Latin America will have diabetes-related health issues.

Here at home (USA), those numbers are also alarming.

So here is my opinion, THE STEPS TO TAKE CARE OF A DIABETES PERSON, (maybe all illnesses) and the diabetes prevention journey ARE THE SAME, the difference is that once you have it there will be no more indulging, it can be fatal.

If you don't have diabetes, you will also not have, medical bills, doctor's visits, prescription bills, and the emotional drain that comes from having the illness.

So, if you are ready, start with some movement, yoga, a walk in the park.

I like to share with you a simple meal that took me 20 minutes to make.

(I made this for Bob and me)

1 cup of white rice
4 eggs
brussel sprouts
3 Tbs peanut oil (ANY OIL WORKS)

Heat up the oil in a pan.
Add onion, carrots (the vegetables that take the longest to cook) stir, and cover for 5 min.
Add cauliflower, broccoli, Brussel sprouts, stir and cover for 5 min.
Add the eggs and stir until halfway cooked.
Add the rice.

**USE THE VEGETABLES THAT YOU LIKE, you can even use spinach, Tempe, any colorful veggies.
**If you want to add meat, cook it first! (you already know that)
** I didn' add any salt as you saw in the recipe because Bob loves to eat salty sauces (We buy them in quarts at our favorite Chinese restaurant) and we add them to the food when we are eating.

veggies veggies veggies veggies veggies veggies veggies veggies veggies veggies veggies veggies!!!

Leave your comments and join me in the conversation.
Do you have a recipe you love to share with me?

Connect to nature become aware of your emotional needs, become aware of the quality of food you feed your body.


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