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Let's talk about the most American, delicious dessert in the whole country, APPLE PIE!!

The amazing thing about this dessert is that it is indeed really easy to make and it does not have to be charged with sugar if you don't want to!

May 13 is APPLE PIE NATIONAL DAY and I like to give you the recipe.

 Perfect Apple Pie Recipe - Pillsbury.com


1 can of beer
1kg. white flour (2lb)
1/2 kg. vegetable lard (1lb)

Mix them in a bowl and let it sit.


4 to 6 apples peeled  (soaked in water so they don't turn brown)
** At this point, preheat your oven at 400 degrees and start to work the dough into the shape as thin as possible. (two pieces top and bottom)

**Once you did the dough continue with the apples.

Shredded or thinly cut, into the crust.
Ground Cinnamon (as much as your taste buds desire)
Sugar, Brown sugar, or panela (piloncillo)
** You can use a cheese grader for the apples and piloncillo.

Once you have the filling ready, place the "top" use and egg to varnish the top and add sugar, poke with a fork to make a few tiny holes.


Piloncillo comes from the juice of the sugar cane, It is 100% natural, it is indeed a sugar so you must consume it with caution like all sugary treats, less is best!

What kind of apple to buy?
 There is a great variety of them, most grocery stores will suggest "what kind" to buy for the dessert.
"Braeburn" apple is my favorite!
I like them because they are juicy, some people prefer the ones less crisp.
Braeburn - Wikipedia

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