lunes, 4 de mayo de 2020


I insist all illnesses start with a headache, however, before it happens, we are tired.
This is due to our lack of awareness and addictions.

Have you noticed how no matter what is your "poison," you always end up tired then a headache?


A hundred years ago, humans consumed a pound of raw sugar a year, nowadays we consume a pound a week or more.

For good health, we are supposed to only consume 25g of sugar a day.

I tried last week, I failed terribly, but I keep trying, I will prevail :)

Most of the sugar we consume is hidden in our tea, coffee creamers, milk, bread, yogurt, cereals, etc.


*Most forms of sugar, except unprocessed raw sugar straight from the cane (PILONCILLO o PANELA) and honey, are devoid of any nutritional value.
*They contain a lot of calories, that tend to increase body weight, fat storage, they are called empty calories because do not provide any nutritional value,
*They leave us in the never-ending cycle of tiredness and hunger.
*Eating processed sugar, strains and causes imbalances of the sugar-regulating mechanisms of the body.
*High blood sugar, diabetes result when the pancreas and nerves become fatigued and cannot produce enough insulin or release insulin too late.


*Become aware of your addiction.
*Take it one day at the time.
*Ask for help.
*Add healthy habits to your lifestyle.
**More veggies, less deep-fried food, less eating out, no coffee, take a walk every day, eat eggs for breakfast, get up earlier, add beans, lentils to your diet, have your last meal by 7 pm, fast, practice yoga, meditate, become aware of the quality of your thoughts.

You are not alone, we are all in this together.

Remember, the STEPS to be healthy ARE the same as when you are sick. The difference is when you are healthy, you can splurge in treats when you are sick, IT may be fatal, ALSO  consider the impact in your finances and your family.

I got all my information from this book:

Yogic Management Of Asthma And Diabetes by Swami Shankardevananda

My personal points of view are, well, from me!

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  1. Peanut M and M's are particularly hard to resist

  2. Of course!!! We are all battling with sugar addiction. I wonder if the consumption of sugar has risen since the pandemic started?