domingo, 21 de junio de 2020


I am not sure where to start with this story, so I will begin like this.

I am researching information about the Bhagavad Gita.
 In case you are not familiar with the story, it is about Arjuna, a warrior unable to fight a battle due to the fact that he is confused, worried, and afraid of the battle itself because he will be fighting against his own family, neighbors, and friends.

The story is a Philosophical story that involves every one of us when you read it you understand that this is indeed your battle to.

To be successful at the end (SPOILER ALERT) Arjuna understands his Dharma (whaaat is that word?)
his sacred duty, which is to fight in this battle.

I am reading a book called The Great Work of Your Life and I am finding beautiful stories about finding your dharma, realizing it has taken me forty-four years to figure out what is mine.

As I am reading the book I realize something that YOU ALREADY KNOW, something that we always look the other way and put aside.

You come with your dharma, dharma is that one thing that your kids are always telling they want to do it is that thing YOU always wanted to do when you were a kid.

My friend Jen asked me this week "What were you doing when you were 9 years old?"
I, sadly don't remember, and that is the story I wanted to share with you today.

I was nine when my parents got divorced, I have no happy memories from the time I was nine to 15 years.
The last things I do remember are how much I liked playing outside and walk-in nature, I remember talking day-long walk all over the neighborhood in empty lots just looking for butterflies and worms and insects.

Playing outside and teaching the broom, my dad's tools, and the propane tank. They were outstanding students! and, If you are worried about me playing with a propane tank, thank you for your concern, however, this is how we do it in Mexico ok, we just let our kids play whatever.
Obviously, I am alive!

But going back to the story, I understand now that I am indeed a teacher, and ALSO YOU! You are teaching your kids.

The way I have being able to heal is to learn to observe the past without feelings, this has allowed me to go back during my meditation time to talk to little Jatziry, to tell her that all is well, to tell her that she will be taken care of and she has to do is go back to talk walks, and to keep touching and smelling the flowers and to get lost in the neighborhood and talk to strangers and say hi to dogs.

To keep writing and researching, to keep learning because to be a teacher is to be a student.

I like to invite you to heal, to take time to go back to do the things you wanted to do when you were a kid, I invite you to let your kids explore what they want, to encourage them to live from the heart because to live from the heart is to live fully.


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