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Essential oil recipes for meditation, baths and everything in between.

Muladhara Chakra, Root chakra, to bring the feeling of balance and stability.

 If your lifestyle is stressful, you are always on the go, you love physical activities; 
this blend is for you.

 I suggest the use of a diffuser at night or during a bath or shower. 
 Other uses are for focus (ADD/ADHD) 

The blend is made by mixing a drop of each oil in a diffuser, 
spray water bottle or candlelight lamp. Spruce, frankincense, and vetiver. 

Svadhistana Chakra, Creativity and Relationship Chakra to bring a feeling of emotional balance.

If you are working on feeling safe, stable, protected and your relationship to sex; if you are a creative feeling stuck this blend is for you.

I suggest the use of a diffuser in your creative and/or romantic space.
Other uses are as antioxidant and cleansing. 

The blend is made by mixing at least one drop of each oil in a diffuser.
Clarity sage, bergamot, and vanilla.

Manipura chakra, the point of discipline and willpower Chakra to bring emotional strength to transform our wants and needs.

If you are working on anything you may have already discovered that what you may need is discipline.

I suggest having this blend near the place where you eat, study, and meditate.
Other uses are for any digestive issues and sinus.
Cinnamon, ginger, and anise.

Anahata chakra, The space of unconditional love that begins with you.

If you are working on softening your emotions, accepting of yourself, letting go of judgment, and comparison this blend is for you.

I suggest using this blend in your car, use cotton balls, or on a car diffuser.
Other uses are to relieve anxiety and stress.
Eucaliptus, maleluca and geranium.

Ajna Chakra, the space of your voice and power of communication.

If you are working on your ability to keep secrets, and knowing how to be discrete,  talk about your feelings, stating boundaries, talk with confidence in you and what you believe, this blend is for you.

I suggest wear it lightly as a scent at the front of your throat.
Other uses are for hormonal balance.

Jasmine, sandalwood and rose.

Vishuddha Chakra, the space of intuition, perception, and psychic abilities.

If you are working on having a better perception of the world and yourself, and having the power to connect with your intuition, this blend is for you.

I suggest taking on the habit of meditation, as your practice develops, for the first 20 minutes that the breathing part will take, have the blend on a candle-lit water diffuser.
Other uses are for insomnia.

Sweet marjoram, roman chamomille, and jasmine.

Sahasrara Chakra, the place where you know your spirit, your connection to the universe, and all that you can not see but know.

If you are working on your spirituality and letting go of attachments this blend is for you.

I suggest to start cleaning out the closets, start with the physical attachments, take on the habit of meditation, place the blend in a candle-lit diffuser and use it before prayer if that is part of your beliefs.
Lavandin, melissa, and myrrh.

In my opinion, all you need is one oil and take time to meditate, what I have seen in my lifestyle is that one little change is the building block for everything else.

Take one step at the time, little baby steps are all you need.

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