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I lightly wrote about four good habits that feed the physical body, healthy eating, water, physical exercise, and rest. These habits indeed provide the physical body and also have a significant impact on the mind.

When we talk about health little by little, we agree that "What is above so bellow" we can not have a healthy body-mind without the spirit.

What I like to do is to invite you to a journey of self-discovery based on SELF OBSERVATION.

Ayurveda is a science (for lack of a better word) that takes us through ancient medical science, philosophy, psychology, alchemy, spiritual understanding, astrology, and anatomy.

There is a lot of self-observation when we start to cultivate a life based on the Ayurveda principles.

I promise, little by little, article by article, we will explore it all through the chakras.

Let's keep going on our journey to building awareness in our habits.

This habit exercises the brain and will help you develop communication skills, imagination, and understanding depending on what you enjoy reading. 
TO BE SUCCESSFUL IN COLLEGE and in life, help yourself and your kids to develop the habit of reading. Please don't make it a tedious chore! For our kids to love to read, they have to see us reading.

This is purely child's play. We are all artists; to your nieces and nephews, you are a rock star; to your children, you are the best chef, painter. To your friends, you are the best writer. To your neighbors, you are the best gardener. To your girlfriends, you are a fashionista! The list does not end.

This creative expression is the legacy we leave for our relationships to remember us and society.
 Reflect on all the information we have about cultures and societies, the past and the pasts past through paintings, books, ceramics, music, poetry,  treasure chests, cave paintings, etc.

Do not hesitate for a moment, your creative expression is your child-like moment and the heritage we leave to society and the future.

Please join Jarquez Smith and me for a two-hour Kundalini and Yin class this Saturday, October 30th, at 5:30.
Place: Delta Groove Yoga
          Midtown, Memphis; TN

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