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Sound healing is an alternative therapy to aid with overall health and wellness.
Any practice in which we utilize music to heal the body, mind, and spirit can be considered #SOUNDHEALING

Depending on your personal intention and awareness, sound therapy can heal emotional trauma, social development, cognitive function, and mood swings.

Clinical studies have found that people experiment less pain and anxiety after just one Sound therapy session. It has also been used in PTSD to reduce insomnia and to strengthen the immune system. 


"We can not be healed by any sound."
Healing sounds have a particular vibration and resonance that drowns the brain with dopamine and oxytocin.
With sound therapy, our personal vibration frequency raises, enhancing our feelings of wellness.
Better said, "The quality of our life experience shifts, and we begin to attack people and events that align with our level of awareness and desires.

Sound healing is also being used to help with cognitive function after brain injuries and trauma.
It has been observed that Sound therapy sessions help accelerate rehabilitation in cognitive patients.


Instead of meditating in silence, meditate with the sound of a singing bowl, nature, breath, or classical music. The sound must connect us with the feeling of calm and peace.

432 Hz
During this therapy, two different sounds are introduced simultaneously to aid in entering a deeper level of concentration.

This therapy is best if you may not be comfortable with the different vibrational concerts during other treatments.

They are calibrated to produce sounds that are meant to influence specific parts of the body.
They help with mood swings, induce emotional equanimity, help to liberate mental tension, and aids with stress release.
Their sound is crisp, almost like the sharp sound of silence. Depending on your perception of sound, you will hear the vibrations.

Tuning forks help you enter and stay longer in the "deep state of sleep" that happens right before falling asleep. 
*Sleep without sleep state, DELTA frequency
*Creativity state THETA frequency.
**Alert without stress state GAMMA frequency.

Crystal, Quartz, or Metal.

They produce a sound that is warming and rhythmic, which helps with concentration. The intention is to find "Where in the body the sound is felt." 
They can be utilized to enter and stay in the PRATYAHARA state (meditation) 

The low chakra bowls vibrate and move the Chakras to shake trauma and karma, AND ALIGN THE ENERGIES. The higChakrara bowls AID WITH stilling and "freeze" the alignment of the higher chakras to enter the states of PRATYAHARA, DHARANA, DHYANA, AND SAMADHI.

The singing bowls use seven different pitches, one foChakra Chakra.

A powerful instrument from the Bronce area in ChinaGonge, Gong, has powerful healing vibrations.
He owns the room. After just one Gong session, you know the energy and vibrations penetrated your body.
Find a practitioner that it is not afraid of making it rain! Gong Gong is an instrument of physical, mental, and emotional equilibrium.

The benefit of a Gong bath session will be felt in the body, the sound aid with healing of chronic pain, stress, anxiety, and restlessness.

This class is going to be held at Delta Groove Yoga
10/30/21 at 5:30 pm
Gong/Singing bowls/Kundalini/Yin

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DRUMS (NO metal, NO batteries)
Produce a soft, relaxing, and repetitive sound.
They are used to enter astral travel experiences and trance. They open the "subconscious mind" and heal vibrations.

Physical pain disappears, and the brain enters a state of relaxation.

The human voice has calming abilities that never lose its power.
"Think of that one person that when it talks to you, just by the sound of their voice, your soul rests."

Begin to observe "What are your intention and the tone of your voice when you talk to others/yourself"
YOU don't need to be a singer; it is about observing your intentions.

Overall all sound therapies are meant for physical, mental, and emotional healing. We all have one or two or three that may help us enter the way we enjoy a state of relaxation and astral travel or not, depending on "where we are in our nonspiritual, healing path.

In my own experience, I need the repetitive sound of the drum for astral travel and journeys.
 The gong helps me get to go into deep concentration in my physical body and visualization.
 The singing bowls have helped with aligning my emotional energy and to go deep into my emotional work and karma healing.
The forks have helped me find a deep silence space.

Try one, try them all. I am waiting for you.

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