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Our energy.

Out of Balance: the EGO leads our life, there is no freedom of choice, every decision is made with the EGO-MIND leading.

Based on a life full of prejudice, expectation, comparison, and competition.

BALANCED; We understand that we are One, that this life is about a learning experience through each connection we make, we understand that everyone is here to teach us, and we are here to teach.


Cultivate the habit of meditation, DO your emotional work, let go of judgment, expectation, comparison, and competition.

TRIPLE MIND (Positive + Negative + Neutral)


The alarm system is the 'fear that allows us to stay alive and well. Identifies danger, is protective, sees the downsides.

Out of balance: The mind lives in fear, every action is decided by fear desitions, It is led by the fear that shrinks our connections and experiences. We become skeptical and immobilized by fear.

BALANCED: We understand that life happens and no matter what. We lock our doors, have insurance, and sleep soundly at night, we trust our neighbors, we are open to others. We have faith when we take a road trip.


Cultivate discipline, cultivate deeper relationships, meditate, When noticing that we are acting from fear, pause, assess reality, repeat a Mantra, cultivate your writing skills.


THE NEUTRAL OR MEDITATIVE MIND, we understand that we don't have to run with the emotions and feelings, we understand that thoughts happen and we have the capacity to observe them and let them pass. WE SEE SOLUTIONS.

Out of Balance: We act as victims, everything is wrong for us, "all men are the same",: "all women are crazy", We can not make decisions, we dwell in conflicting emotions.

BALANCED: We let the "observer" guide us. We are calm and clear, We choose to stay content, We understand the views and opinions of others without taking them personally.


Cultivate a mediation practice, Choose not to run with thoughts. 


The part of us that is hopeful, energetic, and enthusiastic. We lift others, We see good, We expect the best.

Out of Balance: We stay in fear, we are unable to express ourselves, we are overwhelmed by negative thoughts, we suffer from depression, and hopelessness.

BALANCED: optimistic, full of humor, We have the ability to laugh at ourselves, we inspire others, we are inspired by others.


Work on your sense of humor, cultivate the ability to laugh at yourself, find and meditate with a positive affirmation, cultivate the habit of being assertive without pushing.


Our human form, the vehicle of our physical and material experience, the host of the spirit and energy, our physical appearance. gives us the ability to create physically our reality.

Out of balance: Physical obsessions, we care too little about overall health, We may see the body as punishment or price, We suffer addictions. (all addictions are experienced through the five senses)

BALANCED: We understand the value of balance, we rest and work 50/50, we give our body respect by being aware of the things we consume through the five senses. The body is vital. 


 We create a routine for eating, sleeping, and resting, the body is flexible as is strong, we cultivate awareness in the way we care for our temple.


Connects us to the cosmos, related to the pituitary gland, regulates the nervous system, FEMININE identifiers have a second form line nipple to nipple. Perception, Protective heart, Projection.

Out of Balance: Over barring and protective, easily manipulated by fear, doubt, prejudice; bipolar or inconsistent moods and behaviors, unable to focus.

BALANCED: External actions carry power, are able to focus, are dedicated to the meditation practice, aware of their intentions.


Cultivate practices of pranayama, meditation, cultivate awareness of your intentions.


The electromagnetic field that surrounds the body, reaches 9' (shows up on the aura reading machine) It is what makes us aware of the energy of a room when we walk in.

Out of Balance: Over expressive, we try too hard to be liked by always conforming to please others, we become paranoid, we lack self-trust.

BALANCED: We put out positive energy, when people are done dealing with us don't feel drained, we are able to repel negative energy, we are healthy, we are present.


Exercise to sweat, wear white clothing, smudge, cultivate the habit of meditation with awareness on a Mantra or breath.

PRANIC BODY "the subtle spark of energy"

Prana, breath, the inhale, that part of the breath that is shared by all of us.

Out of Balance: By being unaware, we cultivate habits that keep us anxious and fatigued, our life is a vicious cycle of stimulants for energy; anxiety brings a quality of being defensive and we blame our choices on something/somebody.

BALANCED: Our energy is balanced, we use our intellect and creativity for the benefit of everyone, we are fully alive and aware of the breath and life, we are self-motivated.


Cultivate the habit of cardio exercises, practice Pranayama.

SUBTLE BODY "Our gut knowing feel"

The intuition part connects us to that akashic records, nonphysical imprint. The information we get passed down by generations AKA KARMA

Out of Balance: We live our karma without awareness, we have a belief system that does not allow us to change our family history, naive, crude or rough of speech, restless, we feel misunderstood.

BALANCED: We know and understand the unseen, we understand our karma and are able to change it, we understand the long-term consequences, we cultivate tranquility.


Meditate thousand days in a row.


It is the part of us that is beautiful to others, our child-like, we radiate happiness, love, kindness, peace.

Out of Balance: Shy to the point of erasing ourselves, nobody sees us because we don't see ourselves, avoid conflict by putting everything under the rug, even our issues and conflicts, we are unable to digest emotions, our energy levels fluctuate.

BALANCED: Outgoing, creative in the face of fear, we radiate excellence.


We cultivate our work to spirituality, we give ourselves the chance to become, the teacher-astronaut we wanted to be as a child.


Where our humanity and divinity meet face to face and acknowledge each other. the part of us that is inflow.

Out of Balance: Physical, mental, and emotional disconnection, lost in finding balance.

BALANCED: We know how to digest emotions, we cultivate awareness of the senses. we know what we need, we recognize the divine in all.


Practice truth with love, start with yourself, cultivate meditation practices with mantras such as Sat-Nam; Siri Guru Granth sahib. learn to digest emotions. cultivate a yoga practice.

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